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Un nouveau labo "" tenu par des cinéastes vient de voir le jour à Londres, reprenant l'initiative de la London Filmmaker's Cooperative (Malcolm Le Grice et quelques autres) qui s'était abîmée avec le naufrage du Lux Center il y a quelques années. Il y a là-bas une tireuse optique en fonctionnement, et pas mal de matériel qui va progressivement être proposé aux adhérents (spires 16mm, tireuses contact etc.).
Voici leur premier document de présentation en anglais.

The nearest tube is West Hampstead on the jubilee line. Turn left out of the station, walk down past the pub and cafe west. You are on West End Lane. As the road starts to bend to your right there is a road called Hemstal Road. Take this to the bottom where the corner shops are and turn left and you are staring at the studios: a brick warehouse with blue painted window frames. This walk takes about 5-7 mins.

Objet : - a new film film lab is a new centre for artist film production in London.
Creating a cultural centre for the artist film making community, film lab provides public access to a unique set of film facilities at low cost. also runs workshops to educate a new generation of artist filmmakers, convenes critical debates investigating experimental film's dialogue with contemporary culture, and programmes screenings and exhibitions by international artists and filmmakers. Through all of its activities film lab opens a space for the meeting of practice and theory expanding, extending and examining the place of film within contemporary artistic production. is pleased to open its facilities with two courses allowing access to the optical printer. To book a course or a day in the lab please e.mail us at courses[arobase] or call 0207 372 3925

[1] The one-day courses for beginners in June are on the 12th, 15th or 26th from 10ˆ4pm. Places are limited to 5 people per day course. The day will start with a detailed demonstration of how the optical printer works, from initial set up, through to programming. In the afternoon we will demonstrate Black and White hand processing and how this relates to the (optical printer) camera set up and exposure. The cost for the one off Induction is £55.

[2] Computer training for the optical printer: This is an introduction to the new computer that is driving the optical printer for those artists already familiar with how to use the optical printer itself. The cost for the one off induction is £30 and can be taught on the morning you are booked in for printing. Booking the lab You can book time on the optical printer once you have completed a course. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis at £30 a day., juin 2004.

Karen Mirza & Brad Butler
studio 38, Buzzer A
110-116 Kingsgate Rd

Tél 0207 372 3925


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